Jerome Nagy
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Flynn
Director of Reporting & Compliance

Pamela Lazio
Director of Residential
Rehabilitation & Energy Services

Dinash Lal
Director of Lending

La’Dia Hutchen
Residential Property & Asset Manager

Adriana Eastlack
Director of Finance

Michael Judd
Construction Manager

Nicholas Szalay
Construction Manager

Kathleen Steinman
Director of Homeownership

Taisha Medina
Customer Experience Manager

Deborah Lombardo
Customer Journey Specialist

Scott McClellan
Regional Technology Manager

Stephanie Rivoli
Loan Servicing Coordinator

Mary Drossos
Lending Officer

Board of Directors - West Side

Dan Hawrylczak
Board Chair

Gary Link
Vice Chair

William Abels

Cathy Comisky

Freddy Barrera

Michael Woods

Dave Granville

Board of Directors - Black Rock-Riverside

Brian White
Board Chair

Robert Ploch
Vice Chair

Christopher Willey
Marketing Committee Chair

Michele Graves

Dan Hawrylczak

Donna Stepien

Karl Wende